Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Piastro UI 2010 at bulungan

Here i try to catch some pics at piastro UI Photocompetition 2010.. there are some pic i cathced.. enjoy it :)

in this pic i try to use zoom in-out in my lens but my friends told me that trick can make lens error.. emm.. may be i'll think many time to use that trick again hhehe..


Hands up!! that defence position that usually use in basket ball. in this pic players raising their hand. one for block ball and the black one raising hand for asking ball. look interesting because their hand make interesting position :)


this player look so serious to make score..

"prepare to shoot"

there's not words can exxplain this pic except we are team so we are must be the one :)

"we are team we are the one"